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Hpw to use this


Amazing bby




Deception, overcharges, theft of financial information for future use. Detailed review:

“Once i input my data, the money was denied because it was giving a false price of 2 dollars and I put exactly the amount I need in that card. Then I get a notification from my card saying 39.99$ declined due to insufficient funds, it’s only right that it declines it because like I said; I only put 2$ in the card but what really got me to act upon it was the next day, I receive a notification on the card saying it declined a 9.99$ purchase which tells me the ppl behind the website are trying to use my information to make purchases.”

Securejoinaccess.com has also been reported as involved.


clicks.earn-cash-marketing.com redirects visitors to the website https://buyverifynow.com/, which has been reported as “Soliciting money”. Additional information will be added upon receipt.

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